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The Emotional Journey of Tooth Loss

Losing your teeth is a very emotional experience. The trauma of losing natural teeth and going through all the difficulties and discomfort afterwards all contribute to an event that can take its toll on a person, and may even lead to feelings of depression in some individuals. Once natural teeth go missing, you will have to face the fact that your appearance has now changed drastically; what was once a complete-looking smile now looks unattractive and unhealthy. As this realization sinks in, self-confidence usually takes a nosedive, as any person will feel insecure knowing that his or her smile looks incomplete.

What were once pleasurable activities such as eating, smiling, and laughing will be challenging chores with missing teeth. Meal times will begin to seem like punishment times especially if the chewing and biting on food become painful because the gums take the brunt of that task without the natural teeth. You do not have to endure the emotional toll of missing teeth problems for a long period of time. Dental implants replace the form and function of the teeth you lost, so you can do the things that you previously enjoyed without worrying about discomfort and embarrassment.

An implant treatment restores the normal function and appearance of your smile. You will once again have the confidence to smile, laugh, and socialise with other people without being embarrassed about your toothless condition. Implants will help improve the quality of your life so you do not have to feel emotionally down much longer after losing your natural teeth.

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