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The Emotional Journey of Losing your Teeth

The image of a toothless person may be funny for some people, with that image sometimes used for comedy purposes. However, the sad reality is that losing your teeth can be a devastating experience, made even more crushing with the thought that there is nothing left to do but to endure a toothless existence. The image of being toothless can make your self-confidence plummet and can make you feel hopeless and depressed.

Dealing with a toothless condition can be difficult, especially if you think that there is no other hope of regaining your once normal appearance. Fortunately, dental implants are here to bring hope to those who have lost their natural teeth due to a variety of reasons. The titanium implants replace the function of missing teeth roots, and are inserted into the jaw to which teeth replacements (such as a dental bridge or dental crowns) can be attached after a healing period is completed. The implants prevent bone deterioration and bring back the normal appearance and use of the teeth.

There is no need for you to endure a lifetime without teeth. Dental implants give you hope that you can face life’s challenges once more after an emotional tooth loss journey. At Dental Implant Group, we offer implant treatments that are designed to bring back the form and function of your missing teeth, so you can go back to enjoying your life with a beautiful, healthy, and complete-looking smile.

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