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The Effect of Jawbone Thinning on your Smile

Jawbone thinning sets in as a consequence of tooth loss. When teeth go missing, the tooth roots are lost as well; without the tooth roots, the jawbone does not get the stimulation it needs to be able to maintain its healthy form and structure. If tooth loss is not addressed soon enough, the jawbone will gradually become thinner through the passage of time, until the time comes when the entire smile is negatively affected.

jawbone thinning

Dental implants provide solutions to missing teeth problems, and also solve the problem of jawbone deterioration. The implants act as artificial tooth roots and take on the responsibility left by the lost tooth roots, and continue to stimulate the jawbone to prevent jawbone thinning. In cases when jawbone deterioration has already set in, the implants will work on stopping this thinning from further worsening.

Jawbone thinning can make your smile look unattractive, as the thinned-out jawbone takes on a shrunken, caved-in look. A person whose jawbone has deteriorated will look much older than his or her actual age, with facial features that look hollow especially in the mouth area. An implant treatment at the Dental Implant Group can stop jawbone thinning so you can avoid looking much older, even as you get the most ideal solution for your missing teeth problems.

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