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Stress Management for Jaw Problems

One of the main reasons for jaw problems is stress. Have you noticed that you clench your jaw when you feel angry of stressed? This is because jaw clenching is an unconscious way of dealing with stress and other negative emotions. However, habitual teeth grinding and jaw clenching can lead to a painful jaw, and may even injure the jaw joint if this issue is not addressed early enough. Stress management can significantly help if you have a teeth-grinding habit – and can help save your teeth and jaw from further harm.

Stress may be an inevitable part of our lives, but there are ways to manage stress so it does not consume your whole being. You can start by determining the things that trigger your stressful moments. If possible, jot down the times (and the reasons) when you feel stressed, and when you find yourself clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth as a reaction to this event. As you go through the stress-inducing moments, you will most likely discover that there are avoidable and unavoidable stress triggers that cause you to grind your teeth together in response.

You can do something to ease your stress levels by staying clear of those triggers that you can avoid. Staying away from these triggers will help you keep your emotions in check throughout your daily life. However, there are unavoidable stress triggers such as those found in the workplace. You can still deal with these unavoidable stress triggers in a more positive manner by balancing the event with a calming activity, such as listening to your favourite music, meditation, or relaxing breathing exercises. You can take control of your stress levels to ease a painful jaw, and to keep the rest of your smile –and body- as healthy as possible.

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