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Solve Loose Denture Problems with Implants

Are you frustrated with your loose dentures? These teeth restorations solve missing teeth problems by restoring the proper form and function of teeth. However, because dentures are naturally removable, they pose problems when used for a long period of time. Dentures are not firmly attached to the gums or the jawbone; with long-term use, they will start to lose their previously comfortable fit inside the mouth. Loose dentures can result in extremely embarrassing situations especially if the false teeth move in unexpected moments – such as dentures falling out of the mouth. The uncontrolled movement of dentures causes them to rub against the inside of the mouth, causing pain and discomfort for the denture wearer.

Dental implants can put an end to your loose denture problems. The implants are attached to the jawbone and then connected to a fixed bridge to restore the healthy form and function of the smile. In cases of advanced jawbone thinning, mini implants may be used to replace missing teeth and solve loose denture problems. The mini implants are suitable for thin jawbone conditions and can be placed using a minimally-invasive technique.

A fixed dental bridge attached to implants will not move inside the mouth. As it is anchored firmly into the jawbone, the teeth restorations will stay in place. You will not have to worry about your smile slipping off in the middle of a conversation while laughing, or while eating. Aside from being confident about the beauty of your smile, you can also say goodbye to painful eating as the implants work by giving you back the normal function of your lost teeth.

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