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Save your Smile with Same Day Teeth

Losing your most or all of your teeth can be quite traumatic. Your entire appearance is instantly transformed with multiple tooth loss as your smile looks incomplete and unattractive. Being toothless also makes you look much older than your real age. As you go about your daily life, you will also encounter problems with how you (used to) use your teeth. Simple tasks such as eating and speaking clearly quickly become burdensome activities that cause embarrassment and pain, because you have lost the function of healthy teeth.

Do you want to have dental implants, but are worried about the long treatment period? If you are looking for quicker ways to solve your missing teeth problems, a same day teeth treatment at the Dental Implant Group in London may be the option for you. This method of implant placement makes it possible for the implants to be placed into the jawbone, attached to teeth restorations, and fully functional immediately after the treatment – all within the same day.

Is it really possible for you to use the implants the same day they are loaded? Yes, with the same day teeth or “All on 4 dental implants” method. The implants are placed into the jawbone using a minimally-invasive technique that shortens the healing period, making it possible for the teeth restorations to be attached within the same day. This method can also be used to secure loose dentures. With same day teeth implants, you can have a brand-new, beautiful smile without waiting for a long period of time for the implant treatment to be completed.

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