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Problems with Denture Use

Do you have dentures? Are you having trouble with dentures that don’t fit comfortably inside your mouth? Using dentures enables you to replace the natural teeth that you lost in a quick manner and you don’t have to be toothless for a long period of time. However, as you continue to use dentures, there will be a very noticeable change in the way they fit. Artificial teeth that once fit tightly against your gums and palate will gradually loosen, becoming ill-fitting and causing more problems than solutions.

Problems with denture use can greatly affect your appearance. As the dentures become even looser, the toothless area becomes more pronouncedly sunken without the necessary support from the teeth replacement. Chewing on food becomes harder to do with dentures that move around inside the mouth. Mealtimes become uncomfortable experiences especially when the gums bear the brunt of tearing and chewing food pieces. Dentures that do not fit well will affect speech as well – it will be difficult to speak clearly when teeth restorations slide up and down the mouth with even the slightest mouth movement.

The problems associated with using loose dentures can have a significant emotional impact on the wearer. Self-confidence plummets as a result of the embarrassment caused by loose dentures. Smiling and speaking to other people may even be avoided by denture wearers, to prevent the self-consciousness of having to deal with dentures that move unnecessarily. An implant treatment at the Dental Implant Group can help stop these loose denture problems so you can flash confident smiles even after multiple tooth loss.

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