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Problems Associated with Loose False Teeth

A set of dentures used to be the best option when it comes to solving missing teeth problems. The dentures are easily created in a laboratory using the exact mouth measurements of a patient and can be completed without the need for surgery or any invasive procedure. The function and healthy appearance of a smile are restored within a short time period of time, as soon as the dentures are created and fitted comfortably inside the mouth.

Dentures are not permanently attached to the jaw – and this is where the problem starts. Since there is no stimulation (which previously came from tooth roots), the jawbone starts to become thinner as time goes by after tooth loss. The jawbone deterioration will affect the once comfortable fit of the dentures, which will eventually become loose. As the dentures loosen, what follows are problems that most dentures wearers are familiar with.

Loose dentures have the tendency to move around uncontrollably inside the mouth since they are not anchored securely to the jaw. This movement can make speaking clearly difficult to manage, causing a great deal of embarrassment for the wearer. It will also be difficult to eat properly as the artificial teeth are moving around with no control along with the food inside the mouth. With each uncontrolled movement, the dentures will rub against the palate, gums, and tongue. The continuous movement can cause discomfort as mouth sores develop on the soft inner mouth tissues. These painful and embarrassing loose denture problems can be solved with the help of dental implants from the Dental Implant Group in London – call us now to know more about denture solutions now!

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