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Prevent Bone Atrophy with Dental Implants

Do you have missing teeth? When you lose your natural teeth, your smile’s aesthetics and function will suffer significantly. An incomplete smile will look very unattractive and instantly makes you look much older. You will have a difficult time speaking clearly when you lose some teeth in the front part portion of your mouth, and this can greatly decrease your confidence in conversing with others on a regular basis. Mealtimes will become uncomfortable to deal with as your gums take on the cutting or chewing of food, in the absence of teeth.

Aside from the above-mentioned negative effects, you will also have to deal with bone atrophy when you lose your teeth. Teeth roots are responsible for maintaining the healthy structure of the jawbone. These roots are lost when teeth go missing. Without the stimulation that comes from the roots, the bone slowly undergoes thinning. As time goes by, the jawbone becomes increasingly thinner when there isn’t anything to continue the necessary stimulation.

Dental implants the function of lost tooth roots. Once they are inserted in place, the implants will take on the stimulation of the jawbone to prevent bone atrophy. Dental implants stop the further progression of bone thinning caused by tooth loss so that the healthy bone structure is maintained. An implant treatment not only improves the appearance of a smile, but it also goes deep down to prevent your jawbone from becoming thinner with the passage of time after tooth loss.

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