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One or Several Missing Teeth Replaced with Dental Implants

A single tooth lost may seem like such a minor detail, but this seemingly small problem can quickly escalate into a complicated one if the tooth loss is not addressed immediately by a dentist. The lost tooth instantly changes the appearance of the smile, making it look unhealthy and unattractive – even more so if the tooth is in a visible part of the mouth. The surrounding teeth can also shift in an abnormal manner if the lost tooth is not replaced soon enough.

Losing several teeth can bring even more problems with both the function and the appearance of the smile. The bigger space created by multiple tooth loss will be more obvious when compared to a single tooth loss and results in a more dramatic deterioration of the smile’s beauty. Problems with function – such as clear speech and normal eating – will be affected significantly with the loss of multiple teeth.

Dental implants are ideal solutions for tooth loss – regardless of the number of natural teeth lost. A single missing tooth can be solved with an implant attached to a dental crown, to make the smile complete again. Multiple teeth missing can be solved with an implant treatment, along with a series of crowns or a fixed dental bridge, which will close the gap caused by tooth loss. Aside from restoring the attractiveness of the smile, dental implants also bring back the normal function of teeth when it comes to clear speech, and comfortable eating/chewing of food.

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