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Nerve Repositioning for Safe Dental Implant Placement

A dental implant treatment provides permanent and effective solutions for missing teeth problems. Even before the actual implants placement can be done, diagnostics and preparations are done to ensure that the treatment goes as smoothly and as safely as possible for the patient. One of the supporting treatments to the placement of dental implants is nerve repositioning.

What is Nerve Repositioning?

Nerve repositioning is done in preparation for the placement of dental implants. This technique is used when an implant needs to be placed at the back part of the lower jaw, and the jawbone quality of the patient in that area is not enough for the successful placement of the implant. Jawbone deterioration and thinning will make it almost impossible, or at least very difficult, for implants to be placed in the area.

The inferior alveolar nerve, which is responsible for providing sensation to the lower lip and the chin, will need to be moved to protect it from being damaged during the implant placement. A hole will be drilled into the jawbone to gain access to the nerve to start the nerve repositioning procedure. The inferior alveolar nerve will then be repositioned or moved so that the implant can be embedded into the jawbone while keeping this nerve safe from damage or harm.

Do you want to learn more about nerve repositioning? Please call us at the Dental Implant Group so we can give you more details about what this procedure is all about.

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