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Mini Implants and their Supersized Benefits

It is easy to conjure something that is minor or of very little consequence when the term “mini” is used. However, this is not the case when talking about mini implants. True, these types of implants are smaller in diameter compared to conventional dental implants – but the role that they take on in replacing missing teeth is not something that can be dismissed as something minor. In applicable cases, mini implants are the best option to have in terms of an implant treatment.

Mini dental implants are commonly used to secure the fit of loose dentures. Dentures that have lost their tight fit will present problems such as discomfort and embarrassment to the user; this is influenced by the deterioration of the jawbone, which becomes thinner over time due to tooth loss. Loose dentures can be secured in place with mini implants, which are a fraction of the size of traditional implants and much easier to place using a minimally-invasive procedure.

A treatment with mini implants at Dental Implant Group eliminates the need to use more complicated treatments such as bone grafting, which can be more expensive and will take a longer time to complete. Mini dental implants can be attached to the jawbone and connected to the teeth restoration in a single dental appointment. The full benefits of the implant treatment can be enjoyed within the same day without waiting for a long healing period to finally solve the problem of loose dentures.

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