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Loose Denture Solutions with Dental Implants in London

Missing teeth problems can quickly be solved with dentures, which replace the form and function of missing teeth. However, removable dentures can pose more problems when used for a long period of time. The comfortable and tight fit of dentures will eventually become loose as the jawbone ridges become thinner as time goes by; this is because the jawbone lacks the stimulation provided by the tooth roots, which were lost together with the missing teeth.

Are you ashamed of your loose dentures? Do you want to be free from the discomfort of dentures that move around inside your mouth? Dental implants can secure your dental restoration so that you can have a natural-looking, comfortable smile.

Secure Your Smiles with Dental Implants

You can say goodbye to loose dentures with the help of dental implants. The implants are attached directly into your jawbone, providing a secure base where the dental restoration can be attached to. The implants will make sure that the restoration will not move around in a painful and embarrassing way inside your mouth, so you can confidently smile whenever you want to – without worrying about dentures that can fall out at any moment!

Implant-supported bridges can be used to replace dentures, especially for those who have a problem with a strong gag reflex. If you do not want to wear dentures for any reason, your missing teeth problem can be solved with an implant treatment using dental crowns instead of the dentures.

Do you want to say goodbye to loose denture problems? We invite you to come in and have a chat with us at the Dental Implant Group London, where we offer a free dental implant consultation with no obligations.

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