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Implants to Replace Uncomfortable Loose Dentures

Dentures make your smile complete again after tooth loss. However, the removable nature of dentures can result in more problems especially if they are used for a long period of time. With time, the dentures will eventually lose their comfortable fit, mainly because the jawbone underneath undergoes deterioration. Without natural tooth roots, the jawbone will steadily become thinner; the dentures that once fit tightly will slowly but surely loosen. Loose dentures will rub painfully against the soft inner mouth parts, and will also be a source of embarrassment during unexpected movements from inside the mouth.

Are you looking for a solution to your loose dentures? Dental implants are ideal solutions for missing teeth – and they can put a stop to your denture problems. The teeth restorations can be firmly held in place with the use of mini implants, which are smaller in diameter compared to conventional implants. These smaller implants can be placed using a minimally-invasive procedure to even a thin jawbone, and will then be used to anchor the dentures (or a fixed dental bridge) securely to the bone underneath.

The implants also help keep the jawbone’s healthy structure by replacing the lost tooth roots. Dental implants take on the role of the roots, stimulating the jawbone so it will not undergo deterioration. This way, the jawbone will not get thinner even years after losing natural teeth.

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