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How to Stay Away from Stained Teeth

Stain-free, white teeth make your smile look bright and healthy. The appearance of your teeth can affect your overall appearance; if you have stained teeth, you can look much older than your actual age because darkened teeth are closely associated with advanced age. The darkening of teeth may be a normal occurrence that comes with the passage of time, but there are ways to prevent premature teeth darkening so you can enjoy your bright smiles for a longer period of time.

stay away stained teeth

The colour of your teeth can reflect what you eat and drink. If you are fond of consuming dark-coloured beverages such as tea, coffee, and soda, you may notice that your teeth will take on a darker hue as time goes by. These drinks have teeth-staining properties that can make your smile look old and unhealthy, and the unattractive staining will become more pronounced especially if these beverages are consumed on a heavy and regular basis. Avoiding or decreasing your consumption of these teeth-staining drinks can save your teeth from unsightly stains.

Your personal habits also play a major role in teeth staining. If you do not brush your teeth regularly, your teeth will take a beating and will soon become more susceptible to discolourations and other dental problems (such as tooth decay and gum disease). Going to your dentist for regular dental checkups and hygiene treatments will also help in the maintenance of bright, white teeth. If you smoke, you might want to stop this habit as soon as possible to prevent unattractive nicotine stains from darkening your smile.

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