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How Many Dental Implants do You Need?

Dental implants solve problems caused by missing teeth. The implants, which are embedded into the jawbone, are attached to dental restorations to restore the healthy appearance and function of the smile. Regardless of the number of your missing natural teeth, dental implants are ideal solutions to tooth loss and can improve your quality of life.

How many dental implants do you need? The answer will depend on the number of teeth you have lost. If you have a single missing tooth, you will need only one dental implant, which will be attached to a dental crown to close the gap caused by the tooth loss. The implant will also take on the role of the lost tooth root and will provide continuous stimulation to the jawbone.

If you have most or all of your teeth missing on a given arch (the lower arch or the upper arch), four to six implants can be used. These 4 to 6 implants are placed in specific locations on your jaw to maximise the existing jawbone and will be embedded using a minimally-invasive procedure. These dental implants will then be attached to a fixed dental bridge to complete the restoration of your healthy, natural-looking smile, which can be fully functional after only one dental appointment.

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