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Gum Grafts and Dental Implants

Dental implants are placed into the jawbone to provide a stable anchor to which teeth replacements are attached. The implants are supported by the jawbone, and by the gum tissue surrounding them as well. When the gums are compromised in any way, the health and condition of the implants are put at risk; implant failure can occur when the gums recede or get thinner due to various reasons. Gum grafting is a procedure that improves the quality of the gums to provide the necessary support for implants.

Healthy gum tissue is needed to form strong support around the implants. However, gums may recede with the passage of time due to gum disease, and from long-term tooth loss. By the time an implant treatment is decided on, the gum tissue may have suffered from a severe recession and may not be enough to support the placement of implants. This is where a gum graft is needed to work its function in preparation for a dental implant treatment at the Dental Implant Group in London.

Gum grafts are used to improve the structure of receded gums. The grafting material is placed in the area that needs to be improved so that this area can provide the necessary support for dental implant placement. As the gums tissue is improved, the implants can be supported by healthy gum tissue after the gum grafting procedure.

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