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Dental Implants: Bringing Hope to Toothless Patients

Compared to other physical injuries or illnesses, tooth loss may seem trivial. Other people will expect that you will still be able to function somewhat normally, even after a “simple” tooth loss incident. However, there is nothing simple or easy with losing teeth. As soon as one or several of your teeth go missing, you will feel the drastic changes not only in your appearance but with the way you act as well. The knowledge that your smile is sorely incomplete will make you lose your confidence, and will greatly affect the way you interact with those around you.

Aside from the aesthetic and emotional aspects, tooth loss also affects the way your teeth function. If you lost several teeth, it will be highly uncomfortable to chew your food because the gums will be forced to cut the food inside your mouth in the absence of teeth. If tooth loss is in the front portion of the mouth, your speech will be affected as well and you will start speaking with a noticeable lisp. With these problems after tooth loss, it is no wonder that most missing teeth sufferers feel hopeless and in despair.

Dental implants from the Dental Implant Group bring hope to those who have suffered from the effects of missing teeth. These implants are placed into the jawbone to replace the role of lost tooth roots and will be attached to artificial teeth restorations such as dental crowns or a fixed dental bridge. Dental implants make it possible for you to enjoy the normal appearance and use of your smile once more, bringing renewed hope for a better quality of life after the loss of natural teeth.

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