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Dealing with the Discomfort of Loose Dentures

Are you a long-time denture user? If you have been using the dentures for several years, you may notice that the once comfortable teeth restorations are starting to become looser. This is because the lost tooth roots were not replaced when the natural tooth went missing as well. The tooth roots are responsible for stimulating the jawbone; without the roots, the jawbone eventually becomes thinner. As the bone thins over time, the dentures placed on top of it becomes looser as a result.

There is a solution to loose denture problems, so you do not have to endure the embarrassment and discomfort for longer. Dental implants take on the role of stimulating the jawbone, to prevent or stop bone deterioration from further worsening. The dentures or a fixed dental bridge will then be attached to the implants, which will securely hold the teeth restorations in place. As they are now firmly connected to the jawbone through the implants, the artificial teeth will no longer move uncontrollably.

Solving loose denture problems will bring the comfort you have longed for. Biting and chewing on your favourite food will become easy to manage once more! The dental implants will hold the artificial teeth in place, so you can speak and smile with confidence without worrying about unwanted (and highly embarrassing) incidents that loose dentures are notorious for.

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