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Conscious Sedation for Implant Treatments

Patients who have a fear of going to the dentist may not be comfortable with going through dental treatments, and may even be more anxious when faced with the idea of undergoing oral surgery. Some nervous patients have a difficult time just going to the dentist for regular dental checkups, and this anxiety is the reason why it is very difficult for them to decide on having dental implants as a solution for their missing teeth problems.

Dental implants are placed using a surgical method, and the idea of going through a complicated procedure can trigger an anxiety attack for an already nervous patient. It is not difficult for one to assume that extreme pain and discomfort will be included in a surgery. However, something can be done to ease the anxiety of a patient as a preparation for the implant treatment. Conscious sedation is a nervous patient care option designed to make the experience a more pleasant one.

A patient under conscious sedation will be placed in a deeply relaxed state, and will not feel any anxiety throughout the procedure. The patient who is consciously sedated will still be able to understand requests and instructions from the Dental Implant Group implant dentist, and will not feel discomfort because of an anaesthetic administered prior to the surgery. After the treatment, the patient will not remember the unpleasant portions of the implant placement, resulting in an overall positive, pleasant experience.

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