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Confidence Enhancing Dental Implants

Tooth loss can bring about numerous drastic changes to your life. As soon as you lose your teeth, you will have to deal with difficulties in speaking, especially if front teeth are involved. Chewing on food can be a painful event as the gums take on the task of cutting the food; in this case, what is supposed to be an enjoyable meal turns into a dreaded task. The entire facial appearance will also undergo a dramatic deterioration, as the toothless gaps can instantly make you look unwell and/or old.

Your confidence level may very well go on a nosedive with all the changes that accompany tooth loss. It will be very difficult to feel confident when you know that your smile is incomplete; it will be challenging to converse with other people knowing that you cannot properly pronounce words. It will also be nearly impossible to enjoy mealtimes even with your most loved ones if you cannot even chew your food properly.

Dental implants can bring back your confidence in your smile’s appearance, as well as your enjoyment of mealtimes and conversations with those around you. The dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone and left to integrate with the surrounding tissue during a healing period. Upon completion of the healing phase, the implants can then be attached to dental crowns or a dental bridge to finalise the smile restoration. A dental implant treatment can enhance your confidence, while giving you complete comfort to do the things you wish to do, with the people who matter the most.

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