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Common Fears of Dental Implant Patients

Nervous patients often have a difficult time going to the dental clinic for regular dental checkups and professional cleaning. This fear is magnified when faced with a surgical procedure, such as a dental implant treatment. If you are a nervous patient, conscious sedation at the Dental Implant Group London can help you go through a dental implant treatment without experiencing fear or discomfort throughout the procedure. Under sedation, you will feel completely relaxed but will still be conscious to understand to what the dentist requests. Afterwards, you will not remember the unpleasant parts of the treatment.

What are the most common fears of anxious patients when faced with surgical treatment? One of the biggest concerns is the fear of pain. It is easy to assume that the procedure will be painful because of the surgery involved. However, the administration of an anaesthetic will make sure that you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery. Combined with conscious sedation, the anesthetic will work on keeping you comfortable during the implant treatment.

Another cause of fear involves the issue of safety. The surgical nature of the treatment may place a patient at a certain risk during the procedure, but the necessary diagnostics and tests will be done beforehand to ensure that the patient stays safe during the surgery. Modern technology also helps in the added safety of the patient and takes the guesswork out of the treatment steps. As an example: dental CT scans provide an accurate view of the patient’s dental anatomy with 3D images, reducing the risk for errors and increasing the precision of the implant placement.

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