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Close Unsightly Teeth Gaps with Dental Implants

Are you missing several of your teeth? If you have a few teeth missing, you are most likely going through a phase involving difficulty in doing a few things. You are probably finding it difficult to speak clearly, especially if your missing teeth are located in the front area of your mouth. You are most likely having a hard time eating as well since the teeth that are supposed to be doing the cutting and chewing of food are missing. You may very well be experiencing the significant embarrassment of having to go through your days with a few teeth missing, exposing unsightly gaps every time you smile.

Do you want to stop your toothless phase? Are you looking for ways to put an end to the discomfort and embarrassment of missing teeth problems? Dental implants at the Dental Implant Group London are the most effective solution to tooth loss. The titanium implants are embedded into your jawbone and connected to a few dental crowns or a dental bridge to close the gap caused by missing teeth. The implants replace the form and function of a healthy smile.

A dental crown is attached to a single implant to replace a single missing tooth; a few dental crowns can be used to replace several missing teeth if the tooth loss areas are not together in one area. A few missing teeth right beside one another can be solved with dental implants (or an implant) attached to a dental bridge to close the unattractive gap.

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