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Close Missing Teeth Gaps with Dental Implants

Are you suffering from missing teeth problems? If you have a space in your smile because of tooth loss, you may already be feeling the negative effects of this problem. Depending on the location of the tooth loss and resulting gap, you may find it difficult to chew or bite on your food, or even to speak normally. A smile gap located in the front area of your mouth will also have a negative effect on your appearance and can cause your smile to look very unattractive.

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At the Dental Implant Group in London, we will help you close that gap due to missing teeth, with the help of dental implants. There is no need for you to endure a life with an incomplete smile, as the implants work by replacing the proper form and function of missing teeth (and lost tooth roots) to give you a smile that looks and feels complete, and healthy.

The implants are surgically attached to the jawbone to replace tooth roots, which have been lost along with the missing teeth. Once these artificial tooth roots have completely integrated with the surrounding tissue, they can then be attached to teeth replacements (such as dental crowns, or a dental bridge). The combination of the implants plus the corresponding dental restoration will work on closing the gaps caused by tooth loss, giving you a confident, healthy-looking, and beautiful smile – even after you have lost your natural teeth.

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