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Can Dental Implants Solve Loose Denture Problems?

How long have you been using your dentures? If you are a long-term denture user, you may be feeling some discomfort and pain due to the loss of your dentures’ comfortable fit. The dental appliance that once fitted against your gums (and inside your mouth) perfectly will eventually become loose, as the jawbone underneath steadily goes through bone deterioration and thinning. As the bone becomes thinner with the passage of time, the dentures will lose their comfortable, tight fit.

Do you want to solve your loose denture problems? An implant treatment at the Dental Implant Group in London can eliminate the pain, discomfort, and embarrassment caused by using loose dentures. The implants are securely attached to your jawbone, offering a secure anchor to the dental restoration (such as a fixed bridge or dental crowns). You can say goodbye to teeth that move uncontrollably around your mouth with the help of dental implants!

The issue of jawbone deterioration is also solved with implants, which serve as ideal replacements for missing tooth roots. These tooth roots are the ones that stimulate the jawbone; when they are lost (along with the missing natural teeth), the bone will not receive the stimulation it needs to maintain its healthy structure. The artificial tooth roots will continue to stimulate the jawbone to prevent further jawbone deterioration or bone thinning.

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