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Benefits you can expect from Full Mouth Implants

When you lose all of your teeth, it may seem like the end of the world – at least, as far as your beautiful smile is concerned. It will be challenging to think of ever smiling confidently again when you have lost most or all of your natural teeth. However, there is still a way for you to still enjoy a bright smile even after multiple tooth loss – with a full mouth implants treatment at Dental Implant Group in London.

Full mouth implants are used to restore the appearance and function of the smile of individuals who have most or all of their teeth missing, those who have loose teeth, and those who want to put an end to loose denture problems. This implant treatment can be completed within a single day, so you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the procedure without having to wait for months as the implants heal; teeth restorations are attached to the implants in the same day as well.

The implants are placed into the jawbone using a minimally-invasive procedure that requires fewer procedures and surgeries overall. This translates to a lower total cost, as the need for complicated procedures (such as a bone graft) is eliminated. The implant treatment also works in preventing bone deterioration and results in improved biting strength. A full mouth implant treatment restores not only the form and function of your healthy smile but also your high quality of life after losing your natural teeth.

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