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Benefits of a 1 Day Smile Treatment

Dental implants can restore the proper form and function of your smile and can put an end to all of the problems associated with missing teeth. Conventional dental implant treatments can take months to be fully completed, but there is a way to reap all of the benefits of implants without the long waiting period. A 1 day smile treatment at the Dental Implant Group can give you the healthy smiles you want after just one dental appointment.

Also called All on 4 dental implants, a 1 day smile treatment involves the placement of the implants into your jaw, within the same day that the teeth restorations are put into place. This method eliminates the long waiting period for the implants to heal (usually lasting for a few months), before the dental bridge or dental crown can be fitted accordingly.
All on 4 implants provide immediate aesthetic improvement since your smile will visibly be improved within the same day that you had the treatment done. There are also fewer procedures needed to complete the 1 day smile treatment, which translates into fewer expenses and shorter downtime. You will not have to go through a long recovery period after the implants have been placed.

1 day smiles are also used to improve the use of loose dentures, as the implants will serve as the firm base where the dental restorations will be attached to. This technique eliminates problems associated with loose dentures, giving you a more secure and more confident smile.

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