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Smile Confidently after a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Do you feel confident about your smile? It is easy to answer in the affirmative when you have a complete set of healthy teeth. But what happens when you have suffered from tooth loss – does this mean that you have to go through life feeling insecure? Fortunately, dental implants from the Dental Implant Group in London make it possible for you to still enjoy life with a confident smile, even after losing most or all of your natural teeth.

Multiple tooth loss will have a dramatic impact on your smile’s aesthetics and function. The unsightly gaps will immediately make you look unattractive and unhealthy. Being toothless can also make you look much older than your actual age. Chewing on food and speaking clearly will also be challenging to manage without all of the natural teeth in place. However, all of these problems can be remedied with the help of a full mouth reconstruction with dental implants.

A smile can be fully reconstructed with the help of dental implants which will work on restoring the normal appearance and function of the teeth. Four to six dental implants can be used to restore all of the lost teeth in a given arch (the upper or the lower jaw, or both). These 4-6 implants will be used to support a dental bridge, which will fully restore the smile’s healthy appearance and use. You can then smile confidently once more after the implant treatment – even after suffering from long term tooth loss.

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