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Patient Testimonials

I found & chose Dr Vekaria due to several reasons. Firstly, he was extremely experienced – he had already done several thousands of implants. Secondly, and just as importantly, the fact that he lectured on implants which convinced me that this is the man I was looking for”.

Mr JD (8th July 2008)

How did you hear about Dr Vekaria?
I did not know that someone like Dr Vekaria existed until I met him. My experiences of a dentist were far from pleasant. When I first saw signs of dental problems the dentist I visited merely helped in temporary treatments costing me a fortune over some years. And every time I visited he was very negative causing trauma that turned into fear of visiting the dentist. Never was an option given to a permanent solution. I was a patient with that dentist for 15 years until I posed a question to him about a permanent solution as I had heard about implants. Even at this stage as opposed to being positive he appeared negative about the condition of my teeth and bone etc. But I insisted I am prepared to look at the option. He finally referred me to Dr Vekaria.

What was your experience of Dr Vekaria as your dental surgeon along with his dental team?

When I first heard from Dr Vekaria‘s surgery to the time I actually met him I was apprehensive and anxious. For my first consultation I arrived at the surgery a complete wreck worrying whether I will ever have proper teeth, a fear planted in me from the experiences of my previous dentist. I went into the suite that Dr Vekaria was in and met him. Simple but friendly and a positive person he cleared the formalities and went on to assess my condition and explained what can be done. After leaving the surgery I beamed with hope for the first time in years about my teeth so much that when I called my wife to tell her that my teeth can be restored, I almost broke into tears, an emotion I had not experienced for years. I received a letter very clearly explaining my status at that time, the treatment plan along with the cost. From the start of the treatment to the end of it Dr Vekaria‘s skills both as a confident surgeon and someone who really understood patients, I went through the plan successfully. Dr Vekaria has an excellent dental team without whose help I could not have gone through the treatment.

How did the treatment of your choice change your life?
You only have to experience a condition of any kind to really understand how granted we take life for. I had missed so much without proper teeth that the list is endless. My life has changed so much that I had actually forgotten what teeth were for until I had the treatment.

How can we help you today?

Mr J Batson (London, England)

Best smile and best wishes to Dr Vekaria! Someone with a special mix of professionalism and talent, enthusiasm and imagination who uses his unique skills to offer a patient-focused service to those in need of top-class cosmetic dentistry. How do I know?… Some time ago I set out to find a solution to a long-term dental problem. Random research led me through the doors of the DIG in Victoria. It’s now over two years later and I couldn’t be happier at how well things have gone. I am so very grateful to you and your team at the DIG for everything, from initial advice and consultation, to successful treatment and aftercare. Dr Vekaria sees part of his life’s mission to spread happiness and confidence by allowing his patients to be able to smile again. I’m happy to be part of that smile! Many thanks.

Testimonial #1

I have had a ramus frame fitted by Professor Tatum, and Dr. Vekaria & his team. It has cured me of 5-10 years of pain, and I was suffering with my dentures through poor dental treatment and all. Plus I had an accident that broke some teeth which didn’t help. Quite accidentally, I came across a dentist in Southampton, who knew Mr. Tatum and recommended me to him. Fortunately, he was able to see me.

“I went from having 5 years of total agony, to really, really comfortable lower dentures.”

It’s just really – and I’m not just saying this – I can tell you that this is the best my teeth have felt, my mouth has felt, for at least 5 years. I’m halfway through the treatment – it’s good and solid, it feels good, it looks reasonable. By the time it’s finished, I know it’s going to be a totally fantastic treatment. There was a time, I must admit, when I thought, “can I afford it?” Weighing up, quality of life, I think it is.

“Over the next 20 years, my quality of life is going to improve dramatically, and it already has even just in the four months since I’ve started the treatment. It’s really quite fantastic.”

Testimonial #2

“I’m so impressed with Dr. Vekaria and his team.”

Initially, when I came to this team, I was looking for support and help regarding my teeth – they’re really bad, I kept smoking, I couldn’t get any help. I tried other dentists; I tried having bridges, and everything that didn’t work. I Googled it on the Internet, and saw the recommendations that were there. Initially when I came, I was a bit anxious with the pain, and I didn’t know what the outcome would be. But when I met Dr. Vekaria, he made me settled, relaxed; I understood the procedure from start to finish. It took a while – over 6 months – but I’m happy with the result, and I felt comfortable throughout.

“I’d recommend him to anybody who really wants a transformation and change in their life, so they can see how much the treatment could do to help with confidence and self-esteem.”

Tremendously, I’m able to go in front of seminars, in front of my team, in front of colleagues and relatives; I can be open and speak, without getting embarrassed about my teeth. So it has really, really supported me, who I am, as a person.

Testimonial #3

“I made an appointment, came along, and met Shazia firstly, and then Dr. Vekaria. I told him what I wanted and how I felt about my teeth – that I actually needed new ones.

“The consultation went very well; I was very much at ease and things were explained in great detail: the procedures, the outcome, and what I had to go through to get new teeth. “

All that went really well, I felt relaxed and I decided then to go ahead and have the treatment – that was in June. I was put under sedation; I was a little bit apprehensive because it was something I had never done before, but it turned out fine. I had no problems: I’ve never had any pain, during or after the operation. My aftercare was fine, I also did not have any problems because as everything was straightforward. Everything went smooth, and I’m very, very pleased with the level of care.

“Dr. Vekaria, who was the one who performed the dental implants treatment, was very mild-mannered, very caring, and very good! I would highly, highly recommend people to come here for any type of dental implant procedure.”

Testimonial #4

“I have had some implants previously, but then there are things that happened to my teeth and I realized that I needed more implants. I went on the Internet, did some research about several operators in the dental field.

“I found & chose Dr. Vekaria due to several reasons. Firstly, he was extremely experienced – he had already done several thousands of implants. Secondly, and just as importantly, the fact that he lectured on implants which convinced me that this is the man I was looking for.

I’m here now and I’ve had 12 implants so Dr. Vekaria has been very successful. I would highly recommend him to anyone who’s considering getting implants. All the work is always first class; what Dr. Vekaria said will happen, eventually happened.

“I’m extremely satisfied and I would highly recommend him to anyone else who’s considering having implants. Dr. Vekaria is the man.”

Testimonial #5

“At the time I was looking through my bite and functionality, and I came across Dr. Vekaria after doing some research. I knew he had special skills in implantology & bite balance, and I wanted somebody who I felt comfortable with.

“There are a lot of dentists out there, and it’s not easy to find someone you can trust, and who actually has the hands-on experience to take care of you. “

“What I found with Dr. Vekaria is that he has that old-school bedside manner, which allows you to feel relaxed. He understands and listens to you as a patient: what your needs are; what you’re trying to achieve in terms of your smile – he’s absolutely supportive in working towards achieving that.”

He doesn’t pretend that everything will be done overnight; he’s very patient with me, and I wanted that patient approach and I got it. It was not an overnight impulse nonsense that you read about – it was staged and very carefully done. My bite was much improved as a result of coming in to see Dr. Vekaria. I have had some tough experiences with dentists in the past. Maybe some dentists just like pulling teeth or others like drilling. It’s really difficult once you’ve had these experiences, to feel that you can trust another practice. I think you can genuinely really trust the dentist, Dr. Vekaria here in Victoria, because what you get is genuine care and a supportive staff, who are quick to make appointments for you, and to discuss your treatment options with you.

“The thing about Dr. Vekaria which I think really raises him above the bar, is that he’s not afraid to refer you elsewhere, if he thinks that’s what you need. That’s what shows you that you’re dealing with somebody of very high calibre.”

I got a referral to King’s especially for my bite; I really needed the referral, and Dr. Vekaria took the time to do that. It just complemented the treatment that I was having with him – it doesn’t mean that I stopped coming to the practice here, it’s just something that I added. It makes you attentive to your overall treatment. I see a genius here I’ve seen for a few times, who is excellent, very supportive, and gives very good tips on maintaining your oral hygiene.

“It’s an overall package with Dr. Vekaria at the helm, keeping the ship floating. I am very pleased, and obviously I would recommend the dentist, Dr. Vekaria, to anyone looking for quality dental treatment and specialist dental treatment. – I think you’ll find it here. What more can I say –it ends with a smile!”

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