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Full Jaw (Arch) / Same day Dental Implants

1) Same-day Fixed Teeth Supported by 4-6 Dental Implants

Monthly Fee example is based on 20% deposit. Payment over 60 month at 9.9% APR. 0% Finance also available. try our calculator>

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Option A) Acrylic hybrid bridge fixed on 4 implants supported (including extractions)£187.98 Per Month
£9,950. (Save £4,550).
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Option B) Acrylic hybrid bridge fixed on 6 implants supported (including extractions)£235.11 Per Month
£14,000. (Save £2,500).
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2) Same-day Full-arch Fixed Porcelain Bridge on Dental Implants

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Option A) 10 Unit Porcelain Bridgework on 6 Implants (including Extractions):£251.90 Per Month
£15,000. (Save £5,000).
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Option B) 14 Unit Porcelain Bridgework on 10 Implants (including Extractions):£335.87 Per Month
£20,000. (Save £5,000).
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3) Advanced Smile Makeover. See Details>

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A Life Changing Treatment to Restore Your Smile, Oral Health, Aesthetics and Function. This is a bespoke treatment and treatment fees and quotation are provided after conducting a detailed examination of your teeth. Book Your Complimentary Consultation Here>


Diagnosis & Prevention
Examination new patient£45
Extended consultation£95
Small x-rays£20 each
Large x-ray£45 each
Photos – set of 4 views£10
Photos – single view£4
Hygienist Scaling routine per session£60 (Pre-Paid at the time of booking)
Fissure sealants each£50
Consultation£25* (Special Promotion)
Cosmetic Dentistry
Zoom Tooth whitening£395
Enlighten Tooth whitening£695
Home Maintenance Trays£300
Resin Veneers(bonding) per tooth£250
Porcelain veneers per tooth£600 to £800
Zirconium veneers /crowns£800 per unit
Inlays£800 per unit
Crowns£800 per unit
Bridges£800 per unit
Shade taken in Studio£50
Orthodontic treatment
Orthodontic Consultation with Dr Joseph Sherlock£25
Invisalign Consultation with Dr Meera Vekaria£50
Conventional Fixed1 Arch £3500
2 Arches £5000
Lingual appliance single arch1 Arch £5000
2 Arches £7000
Invisalign1 Arch £5000
2 Arches £7000
Routine Restorative
Fillings Front per filling£150
Fillings Back per filling£250
Porcelain bonded crowns} from£600 per unit
PB Bridge
Cast post cores£175
Root Canal Treatment (Pre-Paid at the time of booking)
By EndodontistFirst / redo
Anterior£495 / £550
Pre-molar£550 / £595
Molar£695 / £750
Acrylic upper or lowerfrom £600 each / £950 pair
Chrome cobalt upper or lowerfrom £850 each / £1650 pair
Express feesP.O. A
Same day repairP.O. A
Next day repair£50
Relines / additionsP.O. A
Routine£250 per tooth
Extractions of special difficultyas assessed by dentist
Complicated surgeryas discussed with dentist
IV sedation per session£450
Periodontal Consultation
Non-Surgical Treatmentfrom £600
Surgical Treatment (depending on the number sessions)from £2500
Implant Treatment
CT Scan£395
Conventional implant from£500
Implant post from£400
Implant crown from£600
Mini Implants (Approx 4-6 per arch including denture£6000
Bone grafting£1500 + Bone
Sinus graftingper sinus £2500 + Bone
Nerve repositioningper side £2500
Ramus frame£12000 inc denture
Intravenous sedation for Implant procedure£ 450 – £900 Per session