All Initial Dental Implant Consultations are Free (includes X-rays).
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Offer Terms and Conditions: Offers dates are liable to change and are for limited periods including those on social media. Treatment times do vary. Offers can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

Cost of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for Aerosol Generating Procedures is £50. 

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1) Single Dental Implant

Single Dental Implant including crown. 

From £2,000

From £111.11/month

Full Jaw (Arch) / Same day Dental Implants

Same-day Fixed Teeth Options

2) Implant Retained Denture

A Fixed denture overcomes the issues of having loose or ill-fitting dentures and allows you to eat in confidence

From £117.56/month

From £7,000.
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3) Acrylic Hybrid Bridge Fixed on 4 Implants

From £209.91 Per Month
From £12,500. (Save £5,000).
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4) Same-day Fixed Porcelain Bridge on 6 Implants

From £251.90 Per Month
From £15,000. (Save £5,000).
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5) Advanced Smile Makeover

A Life-Changing Treatment to Restore Your Smile, Oral Health, Aesthetics and Function. This is a bespoke treatment and treatment fees and quotation are provided after conducting a detailed examination of your teeth. Fees vary.
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*Monthly Fee example for full arch/same-day teeth options are based on 20% deposit. Payment over 60 month at 9.9% APR. 0% Finance also available.

Diagnosis & Prevention
Examination new patient £75
Extended consultation £95
Small x-rays £20 each
Large x-ray £45 each
Photos – set of 4 views £10
Photos – single view £4
Oral Hygienist / 45 min £150
Oral Hygienist / 1 hr £175
Fissure sealants each £50
Consultation £25* (Special Promotion)
Cosmetic Dentistry
Zoom Tooth whitening £395
Enlighten Tooth whitening £695
Home Maintenance Trays £300
Resin Veneers(bonding) per tooth £250
Porcelain veneers per tooth £900
Zirconium veneers /crowns £900 per unit
Inlays £900 per unit
Crowns £900 per unit
Bridges £900 per unit
Shade taken in Studio £50
Orthodontic treatment
Orthodontic Consultation with Dr Joseph Sherlock £25
Invisalign Consultation with Dr Meera Vekaria £50
Conventional Fixed 1 Arch £3500
2 Arches £5000
Lingual appliance single arch 1 Arch £5000
2 Arches £7000
Invisalign 1 Arch £5000
2 Arches £7000
Routine Restorative
Fillings Front per filling £150
Fillings Back per filling £350
Porcelain bonded crowns £900
PB Bridge
Cast post cores £175
Core £75
Root Canal Treatment (Pre-Paid at the time of booking)
By Endodontist First / redo
Consultation £150
Root Canal Treatment £90
Acrylic upper or lower from £600 each / £950 pair
Chrome cobalt upper or lower from £850 each / £1650 pair
Express fees P.O. A
Same day repair P.O. A
Next day repair £50
Relines / additions P.O. A
Routine £250 per tooth
Extractions of special difficulty as assessed by dentist
Complicated surgery as discussed with dentist
IV sedation per session £450
Periodontal Consultation
Consultation £150
Non-Surgical Treatment from £600
Surgical Treatment (depending on the number sessions) from £2500
Implant Treatment
CT Scan £395
Dental Implant £700
Implant post from £400
Implant crown from £900
Mini Implants (Approx 4-6 per arch including denture £6000
Bone grafting £1500 + Bone
Sinus grafting per sinus £2500 + Bone
Nerve repositioning per side £2500
Ramus frame £12000 inc denture
Intravenous sedation for Implant procedure £ 450 – £900 Per session